• Kate Lopez

    I am so excited to be teaching 6th Grade Math this year! I am very passionate about teaching and I look forward to teaching your students in unique and exciting ways. I will be your child's cheerleader as we create future world changers. My door will always be open for students to come in for tutorials 8:00am - 8:30am everyday except Wednesday, as long as they have a pass from their mentorship teacher. Please feel free to conctact me if you have any questions or concerns.

    My Class Schedule

    Mentorship- 8:30-8:55

    1st:  6th Grade Enriched Math - 8:58-9:51

    2nd: PLC - 9:55-10:48

    A Lunch 10:52-11:22

    3rd: 6th Grade Math- 11:24-12:16

    4th: 6th Grade Math- 12:20-1:12

    5th: Conference- 1:16-2:08

    6th: 6th Grade Math- 2:12-3:04

    7th: 6th Grade Enriched Math- 3:08-4:00