Room 207 Classroom

    Room 115 CMS Leadership Food Pantry



    B.B.A. minor in Marketing, TAMUCC

    B.S. Mathematics 4-8, TAMUCC


    I have previously taught 6th - 8th grade mathematics. I am excited about the 1st year of our new Leadworthy course. I worked hard all summer writing the entire curriculum for both the 7th and 8th grade classes. Leadworthy is a course designed for students to explore the many attributes of a leader, while learning the variety of opportunities within our community to serve in a leadership role in a wide variety of industries. Students will investigate what makes a great leader by exploring different career paths and learning to serve within the community.   The class will consist of project-based activities, leadership exercises, and Leadership Friday’s, which will alternate between field trips/community service/guest speakers or virtual tours. Before becoming a teacher, I had spent many years in the business community before realizing that my true passion was in the classroom. I look forward to a great year.