• What is Earth Club?

    Earth Club is a club made up of student volunteers. Our members work to improve our community by participating in clean ups, recycling and more. Our members earn community service hours and a pride in being able to help our environment.

    Who participates in Earth Club?

    Any student that is interested in helping the environment can join Earth Club. Participation in club meetings or community service projects is NOT based on grades. Earth Club members include athletes, band members, choir singers, Theater students and students that are not involved in other activities. You can be in Earth Club while being a member of other things too!!

    How do I join Earth Club?

    Fill out a registration form. Pay $5.00 dues. Purchase a club T-shirt ($15.00). Attend the meetings and participate in activities. Members are not required to do fundraisers; but they are asked to contribute by collecting aluminum cans and tabs .