• 2024-2025 New Student Registration


    Calallen ISD New Student Registration is now open for online completion.  Campus registrars do not return until mid-July (see below), at which time you can call the campus to follow-up on any questions or for further information.  


    Click the link to begin registration:   Calallen ISD New Student Registration


    Parents will need to register their student(s) online, and may submit the necessary documentation online as well.  Please NOTE that if you are accessing registration via your cell phone or tablet all options may not be available. 


    It is best to use a laptop or desk computer for the registration process. 


    Please click the following link to see Proof of Residency documents accepted by the District during the registration process.

    If you do not have an active email or access to technology, you may schedule an in-person appointment with the campus registrar.  Campus registrar information by campus is below:


    Campus - Registrar Return Date

    Phone Number

    Calallen High School - July 15, 2024

    (361) 242-5636

    Calallen Middle School - July 18, 2024

    (361) 242-5672

    Magee Intermediate School - July 18, 2024

    (361) 242-5900

    West Intermediate School - July 18, 2024

    (361) 242-5988

    Calallen East Elementary - July 18, 2024

    (361) 242-5938

    Wood River Elementary - July 18, 2024

    (361) 242-7560