Public Information Request

  • (Texas Education Code, §11.1512(d))

    Required when members of board of trustees requests 200 or more pages of materials in a 90-day period. The number of requests and total costs to the school district during the preceding school year in responding to the requests is to be reported.


    Public Information Request

    Welcome to the Calallen Independent School District Public Information home page. Through this page you may gain access to publicly available information that is collected and/or maintained by the Calallen ISD. The District's public information is made available through the Public Information Act (the Act). The Public Information Act, Chapter 552 of the Government Code, generally provides that:

    • Any person has the right to request access to government records or information
    • All entities defined as a “governmental body” in section 552.003 (1) (A) are subject to the Act
    • Certain information is protected from disclosure by the exceptions in the Act, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), or other law, either constitutional, statutory, or by judicial decision

    PLEASE NOTE: You will find a large amount of information is available throughout the Calallen ISD website without making a public information request and/or incurring costs; however, you may always submit a public information request to the District by following the appropriate links on this page. 

    Request by e-mail or fax: The general public should request information by contacting Mrs. Annie Swetish-Rivera at or Fax: (361) 242-5620.

    Requests made by mail or in person: Attn: Public Information Request, Calallen Independent School District, 4205 Wildcat Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78410.

    Note: The District may require you to provide proper identification to ensure that you have a right of access to any confidential information requested.

    Notice of Designation of Non-Business Days for Calendar Year 2024 for Public Information Requests: (Click here)

    Charges for Public Information: Under section 552.262(a), the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is required to adopt rules to be used by governmental bodies in determining charges for providing copies of public information or making paper records available for public inspection. These rules are in Title 1, Part 3, Chapter 70 of the Texas Administrative Code. CISD adheres to these cost rules. Additionally, CISD does not charge for PIRs that cost less than $40. If producing the responsive information will incur a cost of $40.00 or more, CISD will provide the requestor an itemized cost estimate and a date when information will be available. All cost estimates will inform the requestor if there is a less costly way for the requestor to access the requested information.

    Helpful Suggestions for Making a Public Information Request: These are few tips to assist CISD in processing a request as accurately and efficiently as possible:

    • Your request must be in writing; only written requests trigger obligations under the Act.
    • Include your full name and contact information, including e-mail address (if available). It is helpful to clearly label your correspondence as a "Public Information Request."
    • Be specific and clear in describing the nature and scope of the information you are seeking.
    • Your request should be for information that is already in existence.
    • Governmental bodies are not required to answer questions, perform legal research, or comply with a continuing request to supply information on a periodic basis as such information is prepared in the future.
    • We recommend that all requests be addressed to CISD Public Information Request. Requests made by fax or electronic mail (e-mail) must be sent to or fax at : (361) 242-5620 or at the mailing address above in order to trigger an obligation under the Act.
    • If you believe CISD has not responded as required by the Act, contact the CISD Business Office immediately.
    • Please contact the Administration Office by e-mail at or by phone at (361) 242-5600, fax at (361) 242-5620 or at the mailing address above with any requests, questions, or comments on access to records or information.


    Texas Public Information Act - Texas Attorney General

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